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Kurt/Blaine Fic

Everybody Wants to Be a Cat - NC17 - 1,785 words - One shot - Title song
Kurt sometimes wears a fluffy tail as an accessory. This gets Blaine's mind working and leads to him imagining Kurt acting like a cat. It's... strangely hot.

Boots & Boys (They bring me so much joy) - NC17 - 8,194 words - 6 chapters - Title song
Kurt and Blaine finally get a whole night all to themselves. Blaine gets up the courage to tell Kurt about his foot fetish.

Naked Around You - NC17 - 14,552 words - 10 chapters - Title song
Blaine isn't completely male. He's EXTREMELY uncomfortable about going farther than making out and grinding because he doesn't want Kurt to find out, and Kurt is getting tired of being rejected.
Naked Around You art class drabble - PG - ~450 words - One shot
Sometimes Blaine still panics.

But I Turn Him On and He Comes to Life - NC17 - 4,893 words - One shot - Title song
Written for the following prompt: Inspired by Darren Criss' remark about Blaine being a mad scientist who built a school of robots. When Blaine meets Kurt, he realizes that he is missing something. He doesn't want a robot, he wants the real thing.

Fake It So Real - NC17 - 1,177 words - One shot - Title song
Kurt and Blaine play with Harry Potter action figures, arranging them in sexy poses (as you do) and reveal more about their fantasies than ever before.

Watch It Touch Me Deep Inside - NC17 - 400 words - One shot - Title song
Kurt wants to try rimming for Blaine's birthday. ...In the style of Dr. Seuss.

This Indecision's Bugging Me - PG - ~4400 words - 2 chapters - Title song
AU in which Kurt is trans. Blaine finds out by accident, freaks out a little, and asks Burt for advice.

That's Why They Call Me Mr. Fahrenheit - PG - 507 words - One shot - Title song
Kurt and Blaine plan their costumes for the mash-off.

Everyone Has A Secret (But Can They Keep It) - NC17 - 809 words - One shot - Title song
They only have a few minutes before Blaine goes on stage, and the curtain doesn't really block sound at all.

When Your Heart Is Full Of Love - NC17 - 988 words - One shot - Title song
Kurt figures out a fun way to indulge Blaine's giant kink.

Wish You Were Here - PG - ~200 words - One shot - Title song
Kurt watches strippers and texts Blaine about it.

Feel Like The World Just Got Lighter - NC17 - 7048 words - One shot - Title song
Blaine has written a love song as a Christmas gift, and Kurt is SO EXCITED. But is the song really for Kurt, or is it for someone else?

Hesitate No More - NC17 - ~10,000 words - One shot - Title song
Kurt's dad buys him a boy named Blaine as a gift, and he is so excited to have sex for the first time. (AU in which sexual slavery is common.)

Till the Heavens Stop the Rain - NC17 - ~1300 words - One shot - Title song
Future fic. Kurt hasn't been initiating sex lately, so Blaine tries to sneakily masturbate, but Kurt walks in on him.
Podfic [7:30]

Love Is Waiting - NC17 - ~1250 words - One shot - Title song
Kurt and Blaine figure out a way to make Blaine feel like he's getting the attention he needs even when Kurt is too busy to talk.

Reflection - PG - ~1000 words - One shot - Title song
Blaine keeps using their shared file server after the break up, and Kurt can see everything he downloads and uploads.

Breaking Bread - NC17 - ~400 words - One shot - Title song
Written for a prompt to write something smutty involving bread.

The Photo drabble - T - ~700 words - One shot
Season three, Kurt tries to send a sexy photo to Blaine but it goes to the wrong person.

The Room, The Sun and the Sky - T - ~1900 words - 3 chapters - Title song
Kurt has known the name of his soulmate for years, and he doesn’t think he’s especially picky, but he never expected to find Blaine Anderson attending an all girls school. (Kurt/FtM!Blaine name-on-skin soulmates.)

Other Pairings fic

What It Feels Like For a Girl - NC17 - 16,000 words - 8 chapters - Title song
Mike kept the Rocky Horror costume long after the show was over. Tina talks to Kurt about her relationship, and so when she discovers what Mike does with the costume, Blaine inevitably hears about it. And then can't stop thinking about it.
Mike/Tina, Kurt/Blaine, one-sided Blaine/Mike

It's a Lot Like Life - NC17 - ~9400 words - 4 chapters - Title song
Kurt and Dave run into each other at college and Kurt starts being casually dominant toward him and giving him orders. Dave really likes it. Blaine doesn't mind.
Kurt/Dave, Kurt/Blaine

I'll Be The One To Tell You - T - 1200 words - One-shot - Title song
There's a reason Dave felt the need to warn Kurt about Sebastian.

Rock Your Socks - NC17 - 500 words - One-shot - Title song
In which the Warblers learn about jizz socks.

Six trans* drabbles - G to T
Kurtofsky FtM Dave - Growing first chest hair on hormones.
Anderberry twins - both were born boys.
MTF!Puck, Puck/Santana friendship - Santana was the one that held her hand when she came out (to Mrs Puckerman or the glee club).
Kurtbastian - I want crossdressing!Sebastian and self-loathing, with Kurt making him feel better.
Bigendered!Sam, Supportive Finn - Finn, being the only one who knows about Sam(antha), goes shopping with him for women's clothing.
FTM!Sebastian/Karofsky - first time naked in front of each other (touching okay, no sex)

Satisfied and Filled With Your Love - NC17 - ~1700 words - One shot - Title song
Kurt's owner Sebastian does something to make sure it's clear to everyone that Kurt is claimed, and it drives Kurt crazy all day. AU in which sex and nudity are not private and owner/slave relationships are commonplace (BDSM, not actual slavery).
Kurt/Sebastian, UST Blaine/Kurt

A New Day Will Begin - NC17 - ~6000 words - One shot - Title song
Kurt finds out his boyfriend, Chandler, has been cheating on him, so in a fit of pique, he goes out and has a one night stand with a handsome stranger named Blaine.
Kurt/Chandler, Kurt/Blaine

The Start of Something New - NC17 - ~2800 words - One shot - Title song
It’s been almost two years since Blaine kissed Rachel and decided once and for all that he’s one hundred percent gay, and that label was entirely, unquestionably correct until about fifteen minutes ago.

For a Good Time, Call - PG - ~700 words - One shot - Title song
Kurt and Adam have some confessions to make to each other after Kurt gets home. Adam’s is more surprising than Kurt’s.

Now I'm a Believer - NC17 - ~3400 words - 10 chapters - Title song
Super fluffy AU in which Ryder and Unique go to Sadie Hawkins together.

Force of Habit - G - ~350 words - One shot
Kurt is out of town, and for Blaine and Adam, some habits die hard.
Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/Adam

Kickin' Down All the Fences - PG - WIP - Title song
Kurt can't decide.
Kurt/Adam, pre-Kurt/Blaine

Gen Fic

I Want You To Know That My Feelings Are True - PG - 925 words - One shot - Title song
During a party game, there's a discussion of who the glee guys would be willing to sleep with, and Kurt gets emotional. Kurt/Finn friendship, not romance.

Doin' the Love Game - PG - 975 words - One shot - Title song
Kurt's list of people he's kissed in his life increases by two, but Rachel's party is still unsatisfying on a number of levels.

Not a Victory March - T - ~300 words - One shot - Title song
Blaine is traumatized by something unexpected in a porno.

Feathers - G - ~300 - One shot
Blaine tries on his diva costume.

The Shame was on the Other Side - T - ~2300 words - 8 chapters - Title song
Sam just wants to help Blaine feel better and less lonely by doing stuff for him that Kurt used to do. Apparently that includes D/s.
Podfic [16:57]

Reese/Warren/Tia fic

Untitled drabble - PG - 220 words - One-shot
In which Warren is going through a manic phase.

Make It Easy - NC17 - 2300 words - One-shot - Title song
Warren visits his girlfriend's city, and she brings up the possibility of him hooking up with Reese. Also sex happens.

What You Do To Me - PG13 - 750 words - One-shot - Title song
Warren and Reese have a serious conversation about Batman.
Warren/Tia, pre-Warren/Reese

Final Duel - PG13 - ~850 words - One shot - title song
Warren comforts Reese after a bad date.

People Like You That Keep It Turned On - PG13 - ~600 words - One shot - Title song
Reese wakes up disoriented in Warren's bed.

Down to Get the Friction On - T - ~500 words - One shot - Title song
Warren is so tired he forgets Reese is there, which leads to accidental nudity.

Updated Mar 17 2013
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