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like a souffle
I just posted a whole bunch of new stories to AO3!

Friends With Benefits (Blaine/Sam) - NC17
An Affair to Remember (Kurt/Blaine and Adam flirtiness) podfic, recorded with KLB and Izbit - T
Dominating Sebastian in Nine Easy Steps (Blaine/Sebastian) - NC17
Denial (Kurt/Blaine) - T
More Than Just a Game For Two (Mike/Tina) - T
Mojo Upgrade (Kurt/Blaine), co-authored with foranotherworld - NC17
All the Sadness Not Implied by Happily Ever After (Kurt/Blaine) - G
Just a Man and His Will To Survive (Kurt/Blaine) - G
Initial Thoughts (Kurt) - G
Love It On Up (Blaine/Sam) - NC17

If you want to keep up with stories as I'm writing them, watch my "likesouffle fic" tag on Tumblr. :)


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